Prevention Of Child Injuries.

Methodological recommendations on the prevention of childhood injuries in the MDM Measures to prevent injuries among pupils in kindergarten (including outside of it) are conducted in two directions:

  1. Elimination of unfavorable conditions of the educational environment, in which the vital activity of the child.
  2. Directed upbringing in children and adults around them the ability to recognize traumatic situations in time and avoid them.

In work on the preventi  on of injuries in children should be guided by the following regulatory documents: the Federal Law “On Education”; Instructions for the protection of children’s life and health; The plan for the work of the MDOU on the prevention of injuries.

To prevent child injuries in the MDOU and outside the kindergarten, systematic, planned preventive work is required, involving all participants in the educational process (teachers, children, and their parents).

 Work with pedagogical staff, medical personnel, pupils and their parents on the prevention of injuries of children is carried out within the framework of the approved annual plan of measures.

 Much depends on the attitude of the teachers of the MDOU to this line of activity: in fact, at any time of the educational process the teacher must comply with the requirements for the protection of the life and health of children not only in the premises of the kindergarten but also during walks and activity of preschool children on the territory and outside the MDOU. The teacher should be able to reasonably organize the safe operation of children throughout the day, according to SanPiN’s requirements for the organization of the day’s schedule and training sessions.…